The Box that evolves into a CAKE

This isn't my usual "let me show you what I've been making with cloth, paper, paint, glue..."

This is instead the story of the 97% FAT FREE VANILLA CAKE

This box arrived at my house last Saturday after my Lockdown helper did some food shopping for me. On my list was FLOUR which at the time was still mostly in the "hoarders pantries" rather than totally on the supermarket shelves. 

The last time I made such a cake was possibly 30 years ago. Betty Crocker created them...but this one created by Edmonds: Sure to Rise - company who also creates FLOUR.

I was happy that I would be able to make a cake, cake is VIP when you are trapped (oops lockdown mode) and I really wanted to have cake - as I now couldn't go off to Rampants Cafe in the local shopping centre - as a/ it's not essential service b/ my level of lockdown because of my health issues is under the advisory of "must stay home..." and have someone else shop or order online. 

But also it's been quite some time since I baked a cake or biscuits because I haven't needed to...and I do have issues. And indeed as you read on (if you've interested) issues occurred. 

Now I started creating this yesterday - not the baking but the GATHERING OF EQUIPMENT 

El. beater: I knew I had one somewhere. Found but the "sticks" not found. 
Suitable sized baking tin: took some out of storage cupboard in laundry, debated which one

Mission to find "sticks" - found in the bottom kitchen drawer.
Cut circle of baking paper for fit base of tin (recipe info)

Needed a medium sized bowl - have only small or huge. Decide "huge would be best"
Line and grease tin
Preheat oven to correct temperature

Chuck mix with one egg and water into said bowl - work out how the el.beater sticks fitted the gadget and go it going, those sticks whirl very fast even on setting #1. 

Pour mix into prepared tin
(there was a personal issue at this point, and when doctor if back on deck in her clinic, must have her investigate this new problem I have with hands - not serious but I have to calm down, to unwind the issue. I thought I might not have cake, rather the floor would)

Put mixture into oven and set the timer...

And then it was done, cooling on the bench, see photo above

FROSTING next. Yes within a package so chuck it in small bowl, and add water...with clean beaters, beat. Except Catherine doesn't look at instructions - ooops needs longer, reinstate sticks into gadget.

Finally spreads most of frosting on cake...

Why finally because someone had to lick the sticks as she had done with the initial cake mix!

I had a small slice - apparently I should have 12 serves, so I had to be careful not to eat a 1/4 of it otherwise I would not get TWELVE slices.

That became an issue - it's now off that plate - an on something else, I don't seem to have anything like one of those fancy plastic boxes you store cakes in. But it's in the fridge on a shelf by itself.

And it's not too bad!
Next time I might add one of the suggested flavourings
And YES I'll try another one or two...

Current shopper will be advised...


tammy j said…
well it looks and sounds wonderful!
I always made a cake from a mix! although a lot of times
I added something to it.
the only cake I usually made from scratch was a torte or a carrot cake!
definitely a lazy baker and cook am I!
so glad you had it. you deserve a treat! xoxo
CheerfulMonk said…
Good for you! Congratulations!
tammy: I wanted to sprinkle something on top - like 100s and 1000s or little chocolate things. The sort of things I used to have on hand, when at Delta and before I would make cakes/muffins and so forth. So when I sliced into it - I imagined "sprinkles" :-)

Speaking of carrot cake, I could possibly make one of them, the helper bought me very large carrots which is absolutely fine. And of course I have eggs which were basically going to be for cake making with the "flour" on my wants list. But hey, this cake will be great - as long as I'm not cutting "another piece..."

And I have some plain biscuits that could become fudge cake which is uncooked as I have the rest of the ingredients for that. I already had some help from Janet (another online friend/NZ) on whether to recipe A or recipe B.

CM: it was just like making an art piece - following instructions - including what tools and then supplies and then how to finish it ...

I did other things before and after - but not very much related to "getting lost in paper, glue, paints, other" - I felt kind of normal mode :-)

Hoping that I'm scheduling life a little a funny sort of way.
Ann said…
It looks delicious. I can't make a cake without licking the beaters. I've been doing that since I was a kid and I'm not about to stop now.
Ann: I guess "licking" not at work, although I'd be tempted with the icing mixture you make for some of the celebration cakes. It's not top dog - deliciousness but it's okay. It could've done with some extras...I noted that one of the "get creative" ideas was add some cinnamon to the mixture and some diced apple. That could've been done, as I have both on hand. But I think I was curious about what a standard method would taste like.
Rose said…
It does look delicious! I have not made a cake in ages...even a box cake. I always licked everything when I was a kid.
Rose: I haven't had to "make cakes" - simple things yes like pseudo flat bread in my over large skillet or roasting root veg in the oven. I would buy what I need, of late a nice something from Rampants on my way home ... or with online groceries, pick one of their generic bakery items.

Today, it was back to try and master "crackers" - the last lot looked odd, were okay day 1 by day 2 I thought I was eating a type of rubberised tyre. Never eaten vehicle tyres but sure they would "eat like these did" . I had another recipe but it wouldn't "come together" so looked at previous recipe and somehow I got it to work. The baked outcome "ho-hum" - what they will be like Day 2 - n/a.

I think one of the reasons the crackers are not going well is the "flour on hand" but as long as I can get the butter, the peanut butter and slice of cheese on top - they will do...

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